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Sam’s First Beach Travel to Panglao, Bohol

We started 2019 with a family beach trip to Panglao, Bohol and a little countryside tour. Supposed to be a surprise birthday gift for Tatay’s 73rd birthday. But upon learning that it’s a 4-day stay, he graciously declined to come. So, it ended as a family trip for the three of us.

family picture inside of bus going to of Panglao,Bohol

It was our family’s first travel to Panglao, Bohol and Sam’s first ever beach travel. First time to dipped and swum in open waters of Panglao, Bohol. And as we expect, he welcomed his first dipped with a terrified face and a loud cry. Silly papa, he thought Sam’s would welcome open waters with open arms. I read somewhere that it’s normal for your child to be afraid of the unknown, especially if it’s their first time.

So, we just let him play on the shore collecting sea shells. Minutes past, we noticed he comfortably sitting on the wet white sand, we then invited him with a splash of water. And he happily abides.

sam busy collecting seashells in Panglao,Bohol

We spent the last three days of our trip beach bumming and collecting seashells which Sam’s favorite hobby during our stay. Every morning he woke up, he’d love to visit the shore swiftly. We also noticed he become more sensible and appreciate all the things he encounters for the first time compared to our last trip. I believe it has something to do with his age. Both of us were very happy about this development, we’re a proud parent.

father and son playing in the sand of Panglao,Bohol

By the way, we created all of these happy memories at Panglao Grande Resort located in Dumaluan. A perfect place if you want a laidback kind of place. It was so peaceful and secluded. We would love to go back if our pocket and schedules permit. Really, it’s a perfect place for everyone though there may be some cons like their problem of right of way, it will flourish by the ambiance of the place.

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Hello world!


my super active little man

Welcome to my Blog and I hope you will enjoy your stay.

This is my first attempt to go back in the blogging world after 2 years of being hiatus.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 or 2010 I guess ( just let my 6-year old domain name & hosting account expired. Silly me!). I decided to stop after I gave birth so that my then little one will have my undivided attention. Taking care of a newborn baby was challenging experienced for me, it was like a roller coaster ride. And now that he’s already a (clingy) toddler, I would like to try blogging again. I just hope for my brain cells to function well and recall how to work all these things again.

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